Thursday, March 22, 2018

Jesuit team wearing Maroon & Gold in Elite Eight

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If you squint a bit, you can pretend this is BC.
They wear Maroon & Gold. They're a Jesuit school in a big city. Now they're in the Elite Eight. Of course I am talking about Loyola-Chicago and not BC. But I think BC fans can take some solace in Loyola's success.

If Loyola-Chicago has a run like this in them, then BC has one in its future too. Our situation is a bit different since we are in a Power 5 conference and it is a battle to just get in the tournament. But the reality is that BC's current team has more talent than this Loyola team. If we had gotten in, we could  have pulled off three upsets. If you also look at the success of FSU, Syracuse and Clemson, you will also see mediocre ACC teams getting hot at the right time. It can -- and will -- happen for BC one day. We just need to get back into the tournament and get hot at the right time. Until then, Go Ramblers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Landry makes the most of Pro Day

You never know what to make of Pro Day. There is usually one prospect drawing attention and then a bunch of BC guys trying to make an impression. But good things have happened to those "other guys." Matt Hasselbeck impressed Andy Reid enough at his BC Pro Day that Reid went to bat for him when the Packers drafted him.

As for this year, the star of the show was Harold Landry. 18 teams showed up to watch him and his former teammates. Based on their Senior Bowl and Combine invites, Moore and Yiadom are also getting long looks. 

A nice tradition continued with BC included former players still trying to break into the league. This year Patrick Towles was back trying out as a Tight End. 

The Patriots seem to like Landry, but who knows if he will still be available when they pick. Maybe he will reunite with Pasqualoni in Detroit. 

One little factoid -- especially considering the weather -- this will probably be the last Pro Day in the bubble. Next spring the Indoor Practice Facility will be ready. I imagine it will be the preferred location for such things. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Why is recruiting picking up now?

Michigan LB prospect Marvin Ham became the second player to commit to Addazio's 2019 recruiting class this week. He has a good mix of offers and a respectable rating from the services. He should be a good addition to the class. Although Addazio likes to lock in his class relatively early, the sudden uptick in verbals is interesting. There are probably a few factors in play.

1. BC has pushed the timetable. Addazio views BC as a "developmental program" so he is not trying to fill out his class with all five stars. Instead he is looking for committed kids who BC can get on early. Now that there is an Early Signing Period, BC's desire to get on kids early has moved up a month or two. Kids who used to verbal in summer are now likely to verbal in March.

2. There is momentum and promise during spring ball. Spring ball is when every program has hope and promise. BC -- with a new football building rising up next to Alumni -- can really sell that idea. So when a kid is visiting the school during his spring break and gets the hard sell from Addazio, he is likely to commit.

3. There is a bit of musical chairs among the kids. All the kids track each other's offers and commitments on social media. They see other guys commit. They have coaches tell them there are only X amount of spots at a position. There is pressure to find a spot and hold onto it. So when a good offer comes along, they take it. This leads to the occasional decommitment, but I think the coaches are willing to take the risk.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Basketball roster talk

Many of the various BC sites are speculating on the Basketball team's roster for next year. With two incoming freshmen, in theory there are no open scholarships. However, that's not really how college basketball works anymore. Transfers are inevitable. Some player currently on the roster will probably want out. Playing time, issues with the coaches, homesickness, fit, whatever. It happens. I don't know who it will be, I just know that a current player will leave. But BC can benefit from the transfer market too. Good players are out there looking for a good shot on a Power 5 team and BC seems very active on that front.

As for other roster questions: it doesn't seem like Hawkins will be granted a 6th year. It is a true shame that he never got to be a factor with this team. If by some miracle, the NCAA grants him another season, BC should make room (somehow). I just wouldn't plan on it.

The last unknown is Jerome Robinson's status. If he stays, this team is a headed to the tournament. If he leaves, we take a major step back. I don't begrudge him his interest in the NBA. Even being a late first-round pick gets paid. If he does leave, BC will have to use his scholarship on a transfer, just for the depth needed for next year.

In an ideal world, Robinson returns, a dead weight player leaves and BC lands a great transfer. The reality will probably be a bit different. But the next two months are going to be crucial for next year and Cbristian's future.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Watts wins National Player of the Year

BC Women's Hockey Daryl Watts made history Sunday when she was named the first freshman winner of the Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award. The Award serves as Women's College Hockey's player of the year award. Watts is the second BC player to win the prestigious title. Not only is she the first freshman to win the award, she is the first underclassman to win it ever.

This was just the latest honor for Watts as she also earned the 2018 Hockey East Player of the Year and was the unanimous winner of the Hockey East Rookie of the Year.

Congrats to Daryl on the great season and the big future ahead.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bono commits to 2019 recruiting class

During Spring Ball, we pay a lot of attention to things like young players stepping up or position battles. What's overlooked is how critical Spring ball is for recruiting. Those few weeks of practice are critical for player visits. And on those visits coaches are pressing for a commitment. The latest player to buy into BC's program during a visit was Ohio DE Spencer Bono.

Bono has a good group of offers (that includes some Power 5 schools). He is also a player from a Cincinnati Catholic school, so his commitment keeps up awareness of BC in the area. Now that he is a BC verbal, I am sure more Power 5s will come calling.

Congrats to Spencer and let's hope Addazio has a series of players ready to commit this spring.

Friday, March 16, 2018

BU bounces BC from Hockey East Tourney

When BU tied the game up late in the 3rd, I had a bad feeling about OT. However, BC looked great in the extra time. They generated more shots, the penalty kill was great (and generated some O) and they were controlling everything. Yet it just took a little scramble in front to end it all. The bad guys won 4-3 (highlights below).

The BC release mentions the team waiting for selection show on Sunday, but many pundits think BC is out. Keep your fingers crossed.